We extend a special welcome to those who are single, married, divorced, gay, heart-broken or in a happy relationship.  We welcome you if you have won the lottery or are struggling to pay the gas bill.  If you are carrying a crying newborn or arguing with your teenager – welcome.


We welcome you if you don’t know the Lord’s Prayer or if you are worried about when to stand up and when to kneel down (don’t worry, we will guide you through every step!).   We don’t mind if you have never been to church before, if you only ever come for the “hatch, match or dispatch” or if you cut your baby teeth on the pews. If you can’t sing, join the crowd - we will never be on Britain’s Got Talent…


If you are growing old but refuse to grow up – or you are young and can’t wait to grow up - welcome.   If you are resisting getting varifocals, you are in good company.  If your preferred mode of transport is a skateboard, come on in.   We love art in any form, even

if it is inked onto your body or pierced through your eyebrow.   If you are in recovery or are still addicted, or have just come in to get warm, then you are welcome here.


If you have a sight problem, we will guide you to your seat.   If you have a hearing problem, please turn your hearing aid to the loop system. If you are in a wheelchair, we have a ramp and will give you Communion or a Blessing at your seat.   If you have children who think that life is far more exciting than sitting down and being quiet, we have both an area with toys and children’s groups for the over 3 year olds.


We don’t mind if you are a Red, a Blue or a Hatter.   We welcome you if you live in our parish, our town, our country or on our planet.   We welcome atheists, humanists, seekers, doubters, and those who are here because Granny needed a lift to church.


If you are fed up with life, religion, or football, come on in.  lf you are full of the joys of spring or lower than the deepest pit, there is a place for you here.  If you broke your New Year’s resolution before the end of the first week (or day), there is a place for you here - even if you do still need a smoke or could do with losing a few pounds…hey, nobody’s perfect!


We especially welcome those who could do with a prayer right about now, who could really do with some compassion and understanding, maybe even a bit of hope.


We welcome YOU.