Planning a funeral

Your local parish church is there for local people and we do all we can to make the occasion personal to their loved ones. 
It is usual for you to contact one of the local funeral directors who will then make the arrangements with church and the crematorium or cemetery for you.   Once the service is booked then the vicar will contact you to arrange for her to visit you.
Some people find planning the funeral with family and friends helps in their grieving. Perhaps you already know something of what your loved one wanted. You may even have planned the service together some time ago.
If you are uncertain the vicar can help you choose suitable readings, hymns and prayers.   If they did not know your loved one well, they will want to talk with you to build up a picture of the person's life.  This will usually only take only one meeting and it often helps if you can give some thought to what you want to say about their life.  
Some deaths will be especially traumatic, distressing or unexpected. The Church has special funerals for children, or after sudden or violent deaths, including suicide. Talk with your minister about what is possible.
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 After the funeral
In many cases, arranging a funeral keeps people so busy that they don't feel their loss fully until afterwards.
At St Michael’s there is an annual Memorial service to remember those who have died.  Those who have been bereaved tell us that they have found that attending these has been a real comfort and help.  We light a candle to represent each of the people who have died as their names are read out.  
Those named are from the funerals taken by the vicar at any of the team churches or the Crematoria during the preceding year as well as other names submitted.   If you would like a name adding to the list then please ask.
Bereavement support networks, such as Cruse, can be very helpful. There are also special organisations for people who are bereaved young or who have lost a child or unborn child, or who are bereaved by suicide or violence.