Sermons etc from Vicar and Readers

This page will contain the vicar's letter for the magazine as well as occasional articles and food for thought from the Readers.  Please let us know what interests you - what you want more of etc.

The vicar now has a blog - started for Lent 2019, and then continued.  here  It starts with her thoughts from 5th June and then you will get posts, with the most recent first.  Keep scrolling down to go back in time.

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We are now recording our services so if you would like to watch the sermon, watch the video.  You can find them on our YouTube Channel  plus there is a link on the Home page of this website.

Trinity 14 - Liz Jones on Forgiveness - here

Trinity 12 - here  How prayer can help overcome stumbling blocks to following Jesus and knowing he is with you.  Liz preached using a powerpoint for illustrations.  Click here to use it.

Trinity Sunday - here

Pentecost - Jesus gives us Living Water - an all age talk and adult sermon - here

Easter 6 - here

Easter 5 - here

Easter 3 - The road to Emmaus and coming to believe in Jesus -  here

Easter 2 - Thomas meets Jesus a week after his Resurrection -here

Easter Day - Rainbows and resurrection - here

Lent 5 - I am the resurrection  - here

Mothering Sunday - here

First Sunday of Lent - Temptation and listening to God here   a film clip was shown before the sermon here

2 before Lent - Do not worry - Matthew 5: 25 to end here

Salt and Light - Matthew 5 verses 13-20 -here

Candlemas - Our worship preached at Denstone, Rocester and Croxden here

Epiphany 2 - Jesus is the Lamb of God preached at Denstone and Rocester here

Baptism of Christ - includes ideas about poetic language - preached at Denstone and Hollington  here

Christmas 1 sermon - A furious Herod has children killed - benefice service here

Advent 4 sermon - Prayer for the church preached at Denstone here

Advent 2 sermon preached at Denstone and at Hollington  here

Carol Service Talk at Rocester and Croxden here   Powerpoint to go with it here

Advent Sunday All Age preached at Denstone here   this video is referred to: Youtube Advent in 2 minutes (updated) sorry couldn't get link to work. 

Healing and Wholeness sermon preached at Rocester here

Harvest and Climate change sermon here

Celebrating Marriage - sermon at end of flower festival here

Trinity 5 - Martha and Mary plus communion and bibles on the moon here

Trinity 5 - A poetic re-mix of Colossians 1:15-28 here

Trinity 4 - The parable of the good Samaritan - here

Trinity 3 - being sent by Jesus to share the good news - here   

Holy Communion -  service and sermon explaining Holy Communion - here

Trinity 1 - Jesus heals a demon possessed man - here

Trinity Sunday -   God Father, Son and Holy Spirit  - here

Easter 6 - Healing and wholeness.  here

Easter 5 - What identifies someone as a Christian?  preached at baptism and communion services.  here

Lent 5 - what's worship all about? Mary anoints Jesus. download here

Sermon from Mothering Sunday, 31st March - Parable of prodigal son. download here

Sermon from Sunday 24th March - download here

Talk by Terry Jones for Lent 2019 Week 2 (not finished yet!). Download here

Sermon from Sunday 10th March - Jesus is tempted. Preached at Denstone, Hollington and Croxden.  Download here

Sermon from Sunday 24th February - Jesus calms the storm preached at Rocester and Croxden.  Download here

Sermon from Sunday 17th February - Luke's version of the beatitudes, preached at all churches. download here

Sermon from Sunday 10th February - about love preached at Hollington and Croxden churches, downloadhere

Sermon from Sunday 3rd February - mainly about being able to face death thanks to Jesus.  download here

Sermon from Sunday 27th January - mainly about The body of Christ by Rev Liz Jones download here

Sermon from Sunday 20th January - the Wedding at Cana - by Rev Liz Jones can be downloaded here